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Smart Cities Learning Interoperability | Christophe Colinet | Mairie de Bordeaux

  • 22nd May 2018
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Mr. Christophe Colinet, Chairman, ETSI ATTM SDMC (Sustainable Digital Multiservice for Cities). He joined the City of Bordeaux in 2005 as head of operational maintenance for infrastructure City's

Mr. Christophe Colinet was interviewed by Ajay Sharma- Founder of “Get Me Experts” ( They discussed how to create reusable process developed for smart cities and how to standardize the process to make them reusable”. They also discussed on the complexity multi-service infrastructure brings to create specification for cities

The above interview was conducted during 3rd Conference on Standards & Emerging Technology, 26th April, 2018. This conference was organised by SESEI ( & CII-IQ (

Supported by European Committee for Standardization (, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (, European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry and Entrepreneurship ( and European Free Trade Association (

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