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How to create success story on Electric Vehicle Ecosystem | Surya Jeedigunta | Smart Cities Expert

  • 22nd May 2018
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Mr Surya Jeedigunta is an Entrepreneur who has spent more than a decade in Silicon Valley mostly in Product and Business development working for telecom companies such as Broadcom Corporation and Centillium communications.

He was part of the team that pioneered Sending internet traffic through Telephone lines which is called DSL Modem.

Mr. Surya Jeedigunta was interviewed by Ajay Sharma- Founder of “Get Me Experts”.

During the interview, he discussed on maintaining EV and how Electric vehicle (EV) can be a success story. He also defined EV and ITS.

"The above interview was conducted during 3rd Conference on Standards & Emerging Technology, 26th April, 2018. This conference was organised by SESEI ( & CII-IQ ("

Supported by European Committee for Standardization (, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (, European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry and Entrepreneurship ( and European Free Trade Association (

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