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HR as a Marketer | Sushma Panikker Ceasar | Get Me Experts

  • 19th November 2017
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Sushma Panikker Ceasar is Director- Leadership and Talent Development at Emaar Hospitality Group. She is a Learning & Development expert with over 15 years of experience in hospitality, aviation, technology & media industries.

She is an agile professional who specializes in facilitating high-impact leadership development, implementing innovative L&D initiatives and forming strong business partnerships.

Always an enabling person for the organisational goal achievements, Sushma was interviewed by Ajay Sharma, Founder, Get Me Experts to know the role of HR professionals as marketers during HR Summit & Expo 2017, Dubai #HRSE

She shared lots of tips for the HR professionals to behave like Marketing person and help achieve higher potential from the employees.

Concepts like Social Proofing, it can be easier to implement HR Policies in the organisations.

She also gave tips for Budding HR professionals to learn from other management functions and adopt their best practices.

With her energy filled personality, she can infuse enthusiasm and dynamism in any company.

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