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Building Information Modeling | Ignasi Pérez & Amarnath CB | BIM Association | OME’ 2018

  • 24th July 2018
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Mr. Ignasi Pérez Arnal and Mr. Amarnath Chegu Badrinath associated with BIM as they interviewed by Ajay Sharma- Founder of “Get Me Experts”. during One Mega Event 2018, the exhibition took place on 23-25 May 2018 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Mr. Ignasi Pérez Arnal is a Change Agent for Digital Built & BIM adoption BIMAcademy. His experience is in the creation, development, internationalization and communication of materials, products and services related to sustainable urban planning and industrialized architecture and construction, ecodesign and college and graduate teaching services. Mr. Amarnath Chegu Badrinath is the founder of India BIM Association. He is investigating on “Performance measurements of BIM projects” for his Doctoral research at National Taiwan University. While playing an active role as a member of editorial team for IJM&P and ‘ISCCBE BIM technical committee member’ he is also the member of ASCE, CIOB & RICS. Some of the major questions discussed were as follow- 1. India BIM Association is focusing on which areas? 2. How is education and training program designed for BIM? 3. What work or development is being done in the policy making of BIM? 4. How can someone get certification of BIM? About Get Me Experts: "Get Me Experts" is a global platform to find expert consultants in various areas of the business process for advisory services, short-term deployment as well as for market research assignments for investments. To know more, Visit : Email : Facebook : Twitter : @get_me_experts Linkedin : Video Sharing Site:

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