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Alternate to Annual Performance Appraisal | Robert Mosley | Get Me Experts

  • 24th November 2017
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Robert Mosley, CEO of Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, is an HR Specialist with more than 30 years experience, both as a practising HR Head and also as HR Consultant.

Before becoming Consultant, he held the positions with Emirates Airline Group in UAE (Senior Vice President Human Resources), Qatar Airways in Qatar (Group General Manager Human Resources), Travelport-Galileo in UK (Group Vice President Global Reward)

He works mainly in the area of Compensation Structuring and Performance Management.

Robert has propounded an interesting alternative to Annual Appraisal System - M S C.

M = What "Must" You Do This Month
S = What Else "Should" You Do This Month
C = What Extra "Could: You Do This Month

The monthly meetings can be organised between manager and employee and immediate corrective action can be taken for the achievement of goals.

Robert Mosley was interviewed by Ajay Sharma, Founder, Get Me Experts at HR Summit & Expo 2017, Dubai. #HRSE

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