About Us…

TV.GME.Network is all about Expert and Expertise. It’s an online channel to highlight individual experts from different industries along with their dexterity and know-how. It has a wide range of Global Experts for you to follow, learn and get motivated through their videos. The purpose of this channel is to break all barriers across the world, and bring you the expertise and guidance of your favorite experts from various industries in the comfort of your own home. Our constant effort is to get more and more Experts, Enablers, Mentors and Achievers on board so we can add value to our Channel and enable every single professional or entrepreneur to be successful! We have Vbloggers and Expert Videos for your quick e-guidance and e-learning coz we know people don’t just want answers, they want answers fast!

We also know where to find the experts, so we cover the most talked about Events, Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions in your city and speak to the Who’s Who of the Industries.. So even if you cannot make it to these Events, you don’t miss out on What all happened there, who all came and yes the latest strategies/ targets of the industries straight from the Experts in our Exclusive Expert Video Section.


Anoushka Sharma
Chief Editor

Anoushka Sharma is the Chief Editor of TV GME. She is an avid Youtuber and run her own personal channel also. Currently she has more than 12000 Subscribers for her Channel https://www.youtube.com/purplefreak07

Having qualification in Journalism & mass Communication and International Marketing, she understands the link between Business USPs and how to make them reach out to relevant audiences using digital Media.

Trained and mentored directly by YouTube Professionals from Google, she pushes herself to be a serious Video marketing Professional.