Press Release

VSC Consulting opens its Corporate Office in New Delhi

New Delhi,17th January 2021

The consulting market is growing in India and pandemic has provided many new opportunities while bringing challenges in the economic ecosystem.  Corporate needs are changing and there is a need for more focused business transformation efforts

Started in 2003 at Jaipur, VSC Consulting acknowledged the growth in the consulting market and opened its corporate office at New Delhi. The office is located at a very strategic location DLF South Court, Saket, New Delhi.

During the inauguration, Mr. Agarwal, Corporate Strategy Heads of a large corporation mentioned that the trends in the consulting industry are changing very fast as per the client’s needs. From Strategic Consulting to selling subject matter expertise, now the corporate clients want not only the knowledge but also want consultants to co-own the responsibility of results and outcomes. There is a need for companies like VSC who can provide comprehensive consulting services like above, he further added.

VSC Consulting has the capabilities, infrastructure, resources, network, and commitment to take care of client’s strategic and business consultancy requirements by providing Implementable solutions by doing a thorough study of root cause analysis and creating business processes to Implement it in real-time with adequate Knowledge Transfer.

VSC stands for Value creation through Synergy & Coaction, the CEO of the company Mr. Vinod Singhal shared the core model of the company in his inaugural speech, while addressing a group of corporate visitors.

He mentioned that their operating model revolves around working together with clients ( CoAction) to help in building strategy and facilitate implementation, thus bringing true VALUE for them. In case the client’s requirement goes beyond the existing capabilities of the company, SYNERGY with the best partners from the industry is brought into the system so that client gets the best outcome

We provide agile resources, allowing flexibility to companies for customized and specific expertise needed to achieve objectives with variable or specific solutions, said Vishal Kanwar, Director VSC Consulting.

Their services range from end-to-end solutions from both consulting & implementation perspectives. They have time-tested experts with proven capabilities to implement solutions in a reliable manner. Their focus is on proposing solutions and their implementation in an efficient and effective manner. VSC operates in a practical consulting model.

Be it Agri-Rural, Infrastructure, Digital Strategy, Human Capital Management, Audit & Assurance or Financial & Legal services, the client will get good options of services to choose from, Ms Shruti Sharma, Corporate Communication In-charge emphasized on the USP of VSC Consulting.

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